Thursday, 12 November 2009

Futsal Match

We had the first 'match' since i joined the team.... like almost a month ago.. which was held at Futsal Roof Port Klang..

It wasn't formal.. started as one of our teammate's sis asking us if we wanna have a match with her team just for fun... and we said why not huhhh... albeit everyone was nervous & just playing brave since we haven't played very seriously and weren't coached properly..

Everything was 'planned' to start at 9 and would finish the game by 10... we arrived ON time... yeah our bad... seriously.. & they already & are playing by the time we were there... guess what?? quite good players! if compared to newbies like us.. first of all... the place was.... suck! hahaaaa well we regularly play at De'Stadium, USJ... which is a closed area... whereby this place is an open-air type... i don't really mind that.. but seriously... there were only 3 courts and the people there was like twice the number of people usually are at De'Stadium... very packed! for God sake! seem like too many eyes are watching u playing.. *perasankah?kuang3* .. so minus point for that.. moreover, maybe because the place is small but with hugeeee number of people, it became dirty & pretty smelly.. there were some wastes & bins at the rear side of the area... so BIG minus point there.. i bet it's a new futsal spot & most probably the only / the most famous spot at Port Klang area since plenty are in USJ & Shah Alam area..but thumbs up to their website! pretty cool!

Back to the game..

After glancing through them playing, surely every single one of us is damn nervous & the-very-not-confident.. i even have the feeling i always struggle with before i'm doing any presentation.. but just for a few sec after the pretty-macho referee guy briefly stated the rules and whats not.. it was a fun game, and we managed to score twice on the 1st half of the game... i attempted once hahaaaa... tapi senget! ces.. i didn't play on 2nd half.. letting others the chance to play as well (semput!) how big different between u warming-up before the play & straight right onto the game! yeahhhh we didn't warmed up, remember we arrived ON time? hahahh guilty guilty

2nd half of the game, they threw in 2 tomboyish players who are darn good! our kicking strength are none compared to them! and they are pretty quick too.. we let them in twice & we ended the game with another 1 goal making it a 2-3 score... yeah at least we won by 1 point hikhikkk..

but.... there was actually a miscommunication on the time-frame planned! hahahhh... we were quite numb when we had to stop at 930 to let other people use the court.. they (the Port Klang team) actually planned to start the match at 830 but due to miscommunication with our side, everything was shorten to JUST a 30min game ahaaa... huhhhh.... veryyy bad 1st impression.... to make it worse, they actually started playing at 730 so our win has to consider that we were still fresh while the opponent was draining out ahahahaaaa.....

oh noooooo! correction! the game score was actually 3-3!! hahaaaa my bad! & i just found out that we have a name, Dreamz Team that is uhuhhhhhh..... not so liking the name hukhukk ;p i wish i could bring back the 516 memories, "Nasi Impit Kuah Kacang" futsal team ROCKS bebehhh!!!! haaaaa miss them & those time so damn much!!!!

............. work time is getting busier now... i have 1 project on-my-own (decision-making seems harder than ever!), 1 running & still loads pending kinda half-big project, 1 kicking-off tomorrow a seriously BIG project... and the small2 tasks.... haishhhh hope i can handle all the responsibilities & the hactics peacefully (?) impossible impossible.... terkejar2 lagilah diriku ini....

& the gym class...... i am sooooo loving it!

& my new MACBOOK! big smile!! :-D

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