Friday, 5 February 2010

Something Pretty..... Funny?? Embarrassing??

I was at gym this evening... i straight down to the toilet once i've secured my stuff in the locker.. all toilets were full and somebody was settling down her 'business' with really badddd odor coming out from one of the cubicles and the smell kinda spread out the whole washroom area.. i was lucky to not get to wait any longer when the furthest toilet was freed and i was in hopes of not getting into the 'one'.. & i was lucky again.. while i was in, somebody (i think its the cleaner lady) spoke loudly from the outside, "hishhh sape ber** ni? busuknyer!" and was agreed by somebody else (most probably just somebody passing by) "tu la busuk betul", and followed by the first lady again "awak lain kali nak ber** pam dulu, takyah tunggu habis ber**" goshhhhhh i was giggling inside the toilet to hear their conversation!

i can't imagine how totally embarrassed that girl was, if it was me, i swear i won't be around for months! luckily i wasn't outside by that time, i don't think i can even dare to take a look at who the 'culprit' was.. sometime, some things are just couldn't be helped and better just let them be right? who the hell in this world has nice feces odor and no one ever can control it right? for me i think she was totally humiliated by the way she was spoken to... it does not need to be loud & in public.. everyone smell it.. u just have to stay away... that easy..

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