Monday, 1 March 2010

From Paris With Love

I enjoyed this movie a lot since I am a big fan of non-stop violence kind of action movies.. when i first heard the title from a friend raving about it, i was defeatist. A love-story, not-worth-to-watch-at-cinema, pleasure-to-watch-on-dvd-at-home kind of movie pondered on my mind. But i was wrong to bits. yeah my bad, the 'Don't ever judge a book by its cover' wasn't applied here.. well... i didn't even look at the cover! ;-p

First thing first, the story line unfortunately wasn't great at all. Period. It's quite typical & should i say controversial in some ways.. From my personal understanding, it was about a Pakistanis group involving with terrorist and drugs. And there was a scene where you can clearly see our God's name was written in big arabic letters on their hideout wall. I found it offensive and uncalled for. And also the fact that James's fiancee was actually spying on him wasn't surprising since that was very expected of. Another put me off scene was when eventually the girl was committing a suicide bombing and told her fiancee that she finally found a faith from a man she barely known. The faith has given her the peace & she had to carry out her 'duty'.

However, the love plot of James Reese is pretty amazing when finally the ever first person he shot was his own fiancee & there was two scenes when he fought for a cell phone charger and an engagement ring given by the fiancee. Understandable as usual, Mr Travolta played the Charlie Wax role cleverly where he was a funny, frivolous look government secret agent but actually an undeniable super genius and intense. Combining these two with the actions directed in most of the scenes makes this movie an obvious must-see.

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