Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Let Me Hear Your Vote!

Which one do u prefer?

Knowing a bit of everything


Being very good at some things




  1. master of none, jack of all trade, eh?

    it depends on what you want to do.

    if it is something in a niche area, being an expert in that will definitely help in the future - berebut orang nak your expertise nanti. but this takes time because it takes years to build your reputation.

    but for something that is general i.e. mostly everyone can do it in a given time, then i think it'll be better if you learn other trades or expertise to widen your experiences.

    just my 2 cents ;-)

  2. Both have their fair share of advantages. I see that in the company I work with.

    But if you ask my personal opinion, I'd like to become someone who's very good at some things ;)

  3. yes u right, it all comes down to what we want to do & how we want to spend the times,

    i've met many people who seem like they have this special skill to convince people of what they are talking about although sometimes they just talk rubbish huhuuu

    like they are not sure but they look very convinced

    and if they are wrong, they always have ways to turn things around & manipulating his words and people around them...

  4. yup me too nawar! ^_^

  5. During my 18 months as an MT, I was put in various departments allowing me to absorb knowledge in a lot of areas...but now, I've settled down and am going deep into a certain area of engineering. So you can say I've tasted a bit of both scenarios.

    Personally...I rather enjoyed the 18 months more than now (probably because I find engineering harder than the rest) but...if you want to pusue your career in the technical is important that you have a strong foundation in at least one area.

    It's the same for any field in fact. An advice my Group CEO gave to me a few weeks back, if you want to make it to the have to have an expertise in at least one area be it engineering, or finance, or managing a factory etc. If not, you'll be stuck in middle management forever.