Friday, 30 July 2010

A Weekend Getaway To Batu Pahat, Johor (Part 1)

hmmm i realize i haven't been updating my daily activities for pretty long huh?


abg mus, kakak, k.laily, amad, shido, haja, tiqah

so me, tiqah and shido went to visit our friends; k.laily & family in batu pahat johor... me and tiqah were housemates back in cardiff. we first met shido and k.laily, abg mus, kakak and amad while on europe trip with kelana convoy last 2 years i guess. we were very close during the whole trip... k.laily's kids were very fun to be with.. we even visited them in nottingham after the trip.. so they were here for goods now and the wonderful facebook found us back together.. that's where the whole visiting each other came about..

the sweet shido

the journey, the stupid divider

i went out to pick up tiqah in sec 8 on saturday morning, while shido came whole way from kajang to shah alam (why haven't anyone thought of picking up shido on the way to johor huhh?? haha) well while waiting for shido and her friend to find a spot where easier for us to pick her up, me and tiqah had our breakfast at pusat akuatik shah alam.. and this is where my neo had his first (??) no 3rd minor accident.. yeah yeahhh blame me please huhuhhh.. i parked my neo in the bike parking boxes where there are small dividers on each 5-6 boxes.. on the way out, we were excitingly chatting and updating after 2 years of absence .. me carelessly brought the car into D gear and confidently drove away... danggggg! the lowered front skirt went up the divider! i reversed the car and we rushed out to see the damages... thanks god, nothing appealed on the front, but the lower parts are quite seriously scratched! need to bend down then u can see the deep marks.... sorry mr. neo! i got used to your lowered skirt already, it just the stupid divider! uhuhhh ;-)

there... the starting point of tiqah suddenly turning into half-paranoid co-pilot for the whole journey hahaaa.. can't blame her though... although it was her idea to park at the bikes parking lots since they were empty and very welcoming the neo haishhhh

we picked up shido at kfc extreme park and drove off straight to batu pahat ^_^ at around 9am instead of took off at 8 from shah alam as what was planned initially..

we reached k.laily's house at around 12 noon (gara-gara driver yg cekap).. tiqah printed out the google map but it doesn't helped much since the instruction was very easy... exit at Ayer Hitam, take left and go straight, the housing area will be at the left side.. the 'go straight' is a very long one... we need to literally checking out the left side all the time...

by the time we were there, they weren't at home, only the bibik... so 'make yourself at home!!!!' applies here ;-)

the european girl, Iris

the after 2 years gathering, k.laily's fabulous sense of cuisine

i nap for awhile while waiting.. after about an hour or so, they were home... k.laily still the same as last time i saw her apart of no more preggy tummy :-) hmmm i think abg mus is getting a bit smaller... kakak and amad are definitely got taller but they look just exactly as last time i've seen them.. kakak is as tall as me! she is in standard 4... guess i can declare myself as a standard 4 lookalike as well huh? ;-p and the new baby, Iris (pronounce Ai-ris) is almost 2 y.o. she is a cutey... she has a bit of European look and skin color and hair color too! maybe because her mom is carrying her in the tummy all the way throughout our europe trip last time kan? (tips kawan2... mau anak rupa european tak?? ngehehhh)

k.laily got worried looking at our starving faces.. she quickly served the lunch... there were ayam percik, sotong goreng, telur sambal, sayur campur, taufu fa, and fresh orange on the table!!! we were of course droolingggggg!! dan makan tak hingat punyer! her cooks are always always good and a masterpiece.... like abg mus's saying "now u know the answer of why we are all big size" hahahhhhh yeahhh i bet i will too just by spending a week there!

tummy's full... time for light activities.... we chatted and chatted and chatted hahaaa.. and then played Monopoly with the kids... announcing...... k.haja and k.shido lost to kakak and amad!!!! yahaaaa kids nowadays!!! hahaaaa...

afterwards, we watched parts of hundreds of videos taken during our trip around europe..... nostalgic! kakak even almost got teary watching them huhuhhh

the Night Activities

bowling time

before set our foots out, we were again being pampered and spoiled with delicious roti jala with kari ayam, and sate! (20 cucuk sorang punya quota!) hahaa..
had bowling ... amad was superb ok!! again lost to 7 year old kid :| i was at 3rd, few points behind the duet abg mus & k.laily..

on the way out, out of sudden abg mus pulled us all into a karaoke jamban fronting the bowling place... we were forced to sing 1 song each and cramped in the 'jamban' size karaoke box hahaa... it was all impulsive, no one planned on karaoke.. and to be frank, it was my first time ever karaoke-ing.. i am ok singing in car eventhough my guy friends are around... but to sing with a mic on felt different to me and uncomfortable .. gediks kan? but anyhow, i sang a song with tiqah but i don't think my voice was clearly heard since u know... the sound system sucks! hahaaaa..... but it was fun anyway...

'jamban' time

then we head to Dataran Batu Pahat (the one with a Batu and a Pahat monument)... first impression... OMG! banyaknya mat rempit and remaja2 berlepak2!!!!!! 8O i became a jakun myself! and worried too... we just browsed through the small kiosk surrounding the area.. then joined abg mus & amad eating ice cream on the field near the monument... looking at kids running around the field make me voiced out the idea of 'main bola best nih'... and amad being a little sporty football star to-be was just as excited as i am.. abg mus bought a futsal ball near there... and we had a blast time having fun & cheerful futsaling !!! :twisted: we played 3-3 with no goalkeeper... me team with abg mus & kakak; amad, tiqah and k.laily as the opponent team... shido as the avid watcher haha... i think afterwards, people around started to play mini futsal as well maybe thrilled by us ;-) felt uplifted after sweating my shirt off!

Dataran Batu Pahat

on the way home, stop by gerai makan.... makan lagi! had maggi goreng ala johor (poyo) this time....
good night sleep.... tido x mandi pon bajet peluh da kering, ampeh sungguh! :roll:

*All photos by Miss Tiqah*

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