Saturday, 24 February 2007

Exam Result ~~

tadi da dpt exam result hehe... n trkejut jugak dgn result yg boleh dikatakan agak baik ... hahaha... tp my dsp mmg sucks!! 51 je ngahaha separuh tu... hmmm neway.. i'm happy with d results... warghhh pnyakit malasku da kmbali!! cane nih??? huh td tdo dr kol 4 smpai nk kat kol 7 padehal before that br je lps trbaca article bout oversleep.. it says that d most efficient hrs for sleeping is about 7hrs perday not more dan that... there's a study saying that prcentage of death early is higher for people who sleep a lot!!! warghhhh thats me!! but note that don sleep less than 5hrs per day for a long time.. its also not good for our health.. so ksimpulannye jgn trlebih n jgn trkurang.. wahhh takot aku mati awal kalo byk sgt tdo huhuh

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