Sunday, 25 February 2007

Cardiff Malaysia Games (Indoor)

dis mornin went out around 11.15.. so in my mind thinking bout playing congkak.. heheh.. neway today is d malaysian games >> indoor games.. chess..scrabble..congkak n batu seremban.. chess >> aku mmg fail .. scrabble >> my vocab is not good ... batu seremban ... da lame x main n my hand is soo small uhukss.. so i'll play congkak.. i went alone cause k.ira n roz dont seem interested n i don like to push people hahahahhhh.. on d way to student union aimi called. asking me where am i?? cause i was like 15 minutes late.. it suppose start at 11... aimi told me there's no gurls hahaha .... so juz walk to SU n stop by the guard .. ask him whether i need to write my name on d register.. he said no.. n he gave me d password to go into the aneurin beaven room... but i don think i need it though huhuh.. but he seem very friendly.. eheh.. so went up on d 4th floor saw aimi n saibi dok melangok kat koridor luar bilik tu.. ask them where's d room?? tbe2 je naser kol.. hahah aku da sampai da pon naser.. went in d room.. theres only one gurl (haya) n others are boys.. huhuh... paperjela.. so register name under 'congkak'.. need to pay 1 pound for it.. pastu sambil2 mlangok tggu other people coming..main2 batu seremban jap.. n try to memorise how to play it... ye la imagine it was about 10 yrs since i last played batu seremban.. kat skolah rendah dulu haha... but it nice to have that memories again.... haiiii miss those times sooo much!! ... tgh main2 tbe2 rase nak tukar plak main batu seremban haha.. so ask farok to change my name under batu seremba.. n no wat?? theres only 3 gurls registerd including me haha.. aimi, saiba n me.. huhuh... so stat je la main.. n we made our own rules.. huhuh.. who got 15 games first wins.. aku trkebelakang mule2 sampailah satu ketika aku mula memecut huhu..n..... i won!!!! ngahahaha.. penat gak main batu seremban ni.. n sape kater tangan kecik x leh main batu seremban?? heheheh.. sambil2 main sambil2 makan biskut n minum2 air coke n lime... da abes game batu seremban main scrabble plak (but not serious la) for fun je..


start d games... sayang no pic mase tgh beraksi dgn batu seremban hahahah.. will upload later when got it from sumone.. uhuh


there u go!! our 'sekejap gle' scrabble hahah.. d real scrabble players pon trkejut diorng po x abes lawan lagik uhuh


ooo da abes main n da dpt medal.. ngehngeh...


smallest gurl in d room.. not that i'm small it because they r tall ngeee


kacau naser main chess hahaha.. nak balik da~~~

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