Sunday, 18 February 2007

FOD IV By Cardiff University Malaysian Society

so.. well ystrday was the FOD IV a.k.a Cardiff malaysian nite... hmm overall i'm quite disapointed with it.. cause not as expected huhuh... but aneway i do like the dances A LOT!! specially d mak yong dance sooo cool man!! cayalah amal! but d story was quite 'berat' i mean.. ya la people wanna have fun rite on msian nite?? but at 1st i just feel like watching 'hari guru' school show heh.. sori! but then fortunately la d story getting better n interesting despite of being soo patriotic like a hari merdeka show huhuh... tp papepon worthwhile la utk ditonton... ok meh nak cter cket wats d story was bout.. fr wut i understand its about 6 frens from diff culture n races thats malay, chines n indian.. d story was like they all gathered at pak sam's gerai talking bout each other's stories after a very long time separated.. so it begin with d chinese boy... n sory to say it was soooo boring making me yawn sooo many times n my eyes really hurt n felt very heavy to keep open huhuh... its about d boy's father or grandfather was d 1st man among chinese that 1st came to tanah melayu n his grandfather was like a hero to chinese community for helping in d chinese comminity life but then his father was misused the power in other wrong ways.. ciplak vcds, dvds... gambling... gangsters n other bad things... n from d show it showed a school geng beating frens, doing that stuff of things laa.. so thats d chinese part.. soo much of violence... d indian gurl story was about a daughter that soooo rude to her father being sooo conservative bout d indian culture... he wanted his daughter to go to the temple together but then they started to like yell to each other alking bout beliefs, religous n stuffs.. n d malay part was bout a boy desiring for a chinese gurl n used tok bomoh to make the 'magic portion' for d gurl.. n d other malay gurl story was bout her family being soo racism towards d indian n chinese people... they finght bout those people taking malay people's land n take all d advantages for themselves... hmmm so thats all wat i can concluded.. n for every stories it ends with a boy called adam talking to his friend (corresponding to the stories undertaken) like 'tukang beri nasihat' n his frens terosje fall with his talkings huhuh mustahil betol.. then evryone pon mnyesal dgn ape yg dikatakannye... hmmm.. i don really like d violence part, the daughters being very rude to parents, n the yelling part bout malay racism towards d other races,,... doesnt it look like 'membuka pekung d dada??".. y should they show those bad things bout d malaysia culture??? i don no... no idea... ya laa it ends up with adam came to turn things other way round.. but still.. i don really like the jalan cerita... but the actors n actress are good.. yeah.. natural n very spontan.. ok enough with d show.. n d foods.... hmmmm... don no how to say huhuh... d menus are mee goreng or accurately spageti goreng.. popia goreng.. roti jala WITHOUT kuah kari n roti kosong (i don no wats d purpose of d roti kosong) huhuh.. then ade air sirap n bijik slasih (yg ni sedap!!), agar2 pisang n buah2an.. tu je... i ends up kelaparan!! huhuh... so smlam asmah tdo bilik aku.. alaaa asmah aku lupe nak bagi serunding ko laaaaaa hahaha sori bangun2 tdo br tingat haha.. ooo yea smlm trnampak aida (classmate kat jasin) tp x smpat nak bermsra2 huhuh.. neway see u other times aida.. wahhhh jus after reading madot's blog bout our fabolous trip to egypt yuhuuuu!!! suddenly getting sooo overwhelming excited!! best2!! x sabarlaa.. we r going to stay in cairo for 2nites (4star hotel huhuh) n then d ost exciting part we r going on nile cruise for 3nites!!! wahhh n it is 5 star!! yuhuuu.... mmg pandai perabis duit aku nih haha... neway really cant wait for holidays wanna see thos magnificient pyramids !! yeahaaaa n we plan to dress up during d dinner hehe..


4 of us during dinner.. menu: mee goreng, popia, roti jala, agar2 pisang, tembikai, honey dew, air sirap n biji slasih... huh x kenyang!!!!! hahah


outside temple of peace after dinner (nak tayang heel sbnarnye ngahaha .. going back 4 a while to charge my camera batery huhuh...but ends up capturing almost nothing haha



a very long Q to d toilet during 15 minutes breaks... amek gmbar jap


ngan alifah.. nx yr dok bilik dia ngehngeh.. best2!! bilik besar!! alifah x yah la tulis 'haja busuk' tu kat dinding haha


  1. hahaaa...lupa plaks nk mntak ngan ko...xde rezki aku la nie =(

  2. tu la nanti aku kirim la kat abang sayang ko hahahahahahaha (eh setahu aku dia mls g bristol kan ngehngeh)... nnti ko dtg la cardiff lagik amek serunding

  3. haha..nak wat camane dia xcukup stamina nk naik bukit..dah tua laa katakan keskeskess....

  4. buat pngetahuan firot >> kasut aku 4inci (hahaha smngat aku baru pas ukur sbb ko tnye kan.. heheh)
    buat asmah >> tu la carik pakwe tua2 lagi kan da x larat ngahaha