Saturday, 14 April 2007

EGYPT Day 8 - Hari Pulang :(

sooo finally final day..... uhhhh means go back to work... go back to project... go back to report!!! wargghhhhh i really don feel like going back but at d same time dont feel like living in egypt huhuhhh... its fun to be a tourist but not to have a life here (thats only my thought).... i woke up late in d morning.. we were not in rush anyway... our flight is at 2pm n d driver gonna pick us at 12... so i just pack my things slowly... n took shower at 11... but then suddenly the reception called us saying that d driver had arrived at 11.30 huhuhhh... luckily i almost finish ... then leaving to d airport n d weather was sooo hot today.. ysterday was better (lucky us to go out ysterday hehehh)... looking at the road.. looking at cairo... looking at egypt.... may be for d last time... hell no!! i'm going to come back to buy loads of the papyrus paintings n i wanna go to Alexandria some day hehehhh.. so arrived at d airport a bit early.. n had lunch...after that i only left with 1LE equals to 10p equals to 70sen huhuhuhuhhhh... n again stop over at Zurich n we got plenty of time there not like d last time we got here.. had to run to catch our flight huhuhh... so got to see a formula 1 car n went in the shops...n got to hear again the "mooooo" sound in the aerotrain TWICE!!! n clearer heheh.. sume gelak bile dgr bunyik lmbu tu heheh.. ooo of my sand bottle was broken uwaaaaa!!! mungkin balasan kot huhuhh... arrived at heathrown n catch my bus at 11.15pm... bubye sume!! i had a really great time with u guys!!!  ehe... arrived at cardiff at abiut 3 in d morning d take cab to aberdare then sleep.... zzzzzzzzzzz..........

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Cairo Airport with my new shirt hehe 

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Sauber.. look at the Malaysia Petronas logo... bangge2!!


hihi siap ngan summary hahahhh... so well it was a great trip! so my rough expenditure to egypt (include everythin) is around 650 british pound huhuhhh that a lot!! pokai daa... neway some tips for egypt visit:
  • probably can save money if buy flight earlier
  • tips are important in egypt so prepare small money.. the least u can give is 5LE (for bell man) for tourist guide is more
  • nile cruise is important!! it makes the trip better and easier
  • prepare some dresses for nite agendas
  • do bargain in any shop! a third of the original price
  • if u r from malaysia just say u r from malaysia do not brag if u study in UK or any else with higher currency unless being asked.. they'll expect more tips n charge more!! they'll probably put price relative to british pound..
  • bring some xtra foods... like nawar a bag of foods hahahh
  • bring sunglasses!!! a must!

~~~~ thats all daaaa ~~~~ 

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