Monday, 16 April 2007

Counting Days To Go Home ^_^

yeayyy finally .....after many trials to buy the ticket on last nite.. d website was kinda bengong cket huhuhh.. i'm going back to msia this 6th june!! the earliest in history uhuhh.. by Emirates yeeaahaaa!! last paper will be on 2nd june n yeahh the timetable is sooo hell packed!!! i got 1 paper on 14 may then after 2 weeks another 4 papers in 4 days consecutively!!! urghhhh gile ke ape diorg nih!!! n my hol is coming to its end.. only 1 week left n i didnt do anything since i got back from egypt until now hahahh... everyday watching youtube.. af la animes laa antm laa.. n i spent 2 days in town ... my shoping-x-tentu-pasal disease is striking me now haiiyakkkk  more tahn 100pounds in 2 days huhuhhh... gilela aku nih last time in egypt kate nak ikat perut lps ni ishhhh.... ok will start work on lab report tomorrow n then start prepare for viva yeahhh my project going to end soon!! cant wait!

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