Monday, 4 August 2008

Shopping On Weekends

July is summer sale month here in UK, but i was too busy this month it didn't give me the urge to go out shopping, pretty awkward i think..but i did go out last week towards the end of july and understandable, no more pretty stuff and 'fit' sizes for me... i went out to bridgend with miss housemate, went out pretty early to catch the 9.45am bus so we arrived at 10.15am, it was pretty exciting even though not too many sales, i wanted so bad to look for blue Levi's jeans, slim cut, but why?? why?? the shortest leg is 30 .. is that really the shortest lenght? don't think so, as i got this 1 Levi's that fit me perfectly huhhhhh... some might say, ala u can cut it later what? ermm i'm not really into jeans cutting, i don't know why eventhough i think i really need to, so i always try to find length shorter than 30..thats why i prefer brand that got Petite sizes like Topshop (quite loving the jeans and trousers there), etc etc.. time really hated us, without realising we've been shopping for 7 hours! just sat down for a while for icecream, yup it was sunny that day! and i bumped into Abg Muhammad, his sister and dad after having icecream. he's my cousin in law anyway FYI.. our bus home was at 6.15pm... so at the end what i bought for myself, let list them down here: 2 Saltrock shirt, a top from Next, lingeries from CK (i fell to ground when it comes to lingeries ), Jane Shilton handbag (with free keychain, i loveee free stuff hehe), another handbag from Tula, and finallyyyy biscuits from M&S (was planned to bring home to malaysia, but already ate 1 box just now ahahaha)... so that's it my shooping spree on Saturday, actually we planned to go to a festival held on Cardiff after 7, but we were just too tired for it.. the next early in morning, as usual Sunday morning, Sully Carboot Sale!!! time for cheap books and stuff! another 2 bags full of books for me today yippiiiii!! we just loved Sully Carboot, unfortunately it was only on summer, so i have no idea when will be the last Sunday in Sully for me

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