Friday, 8 August 2008

Fire Alarm

we set off the fire alarm!!!! how i really miss that freakin annoying sound! well, yes i exaggerate a bit, the guest forgot to turn  off the gas in the kitchen, me and housemate were checking tickets online in my room when it was set off, first i was like "hmmmm bunyik ape nih?" hohhhhhhhh fire alarm! in our house! wahaaaaa panicked! then housemate asked me to call security, but i have no idea what the number was, then i went out the room, checking the guest (yes playing a very nice and caring tuan rumah) and the guest saw me muddling with my phone "who u trying to call?" "security, security!" "ohhh try this 02*******" , i dialed "te ne net.... te net net..... error error " shittttttt..... went out to see what the neighbors reactions, nothing... the guest finished stuff at kitchen while housemate still tried hard searching for the security number, again the guest "ok?" "no what i got te ne net blka bla bla", the guest looked again at the number "ohhhhhhh these numbers should be the other way round" "ohoooo ok2, will try again now......" "hello, security" "well hi hello, we accidentally set off the alarm, ** L***** Street" "ok will send someone over now", and me as usual, a very skema one, "ok sume kluar"... so there we were sitting outside waiting for the security guy, about 3 minutes later, our savior came! a very nice guy! well uncle actually, fuhhhhhhhhh!!! "very sorry!" "ohhh no problem, u were cooking don't u" " yeahh" and he did his job, checking the kitchen a bit... and the neighborhood was silence again......

other story, i already started packing my stuff, starting from files & books.... goshhhhhhhh i never like packing up!!! i always want to do it last minute huhhhhhhh, now i'm stuck with "should i bring this home? or should i just leave it? will i still need it? alaaaaa sayangnyer" hahhhhhhhh i'm suck at throwing away my stuff!

anyway, firot, i'm going back early next month

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