Wednesday, 10 September 2008

I Am Back For Good!

hey yo, it's been 3 days since i'm back again to lovelyyyy hometown, my flight was on saturday night 10pm, and safely arrived at klia at 530pm sunday. i'm not yet miss Cardiff, hopefully I won't. and i think maybe i just successfully fight over the jet lag, i slept the whole day and awake all night for these past 3 days. its tiring ok. anyway...

What will I miss in Cardiff and uk generally:

1. SHOPPING!! the guilt-free feeling you get when paying in pound currency! everything seems cheap!

2. the easy access to anywhere pass through my mind. I can just get up from my chair, grab my favorite green sweater and out to tesco when this happens: "alamak teringin minum coke pulak". or when feel bored, feeling like wasting some money on stuff or just waste my time wandering around shops in cardiff city centre. yup, that would be easy here when i have my own ride AND confidence again to drive hehehh

3. the very friendly people, no matter where and who they are. from the customer service, salesperson, at post office, ticket booth, people walk by, yup basically just everywhere and yeah not to forget the gentleness and the way of life of british people: open up the door for people behind you, always smiling, etc etc etc

4. the independent haja; wash her own dishes, cook her own food (eventhough most of the times tasteless, she didn't care as it's only herself she had to please), wash her own clothes, buy own food, get anything or anywhere by herself. (maybe i need to not live with my parents to be all independent again, otherwise, kak sri will do all the chores)

5. the 'perfect figure' me huahuahuahauaa

6. my knee-high boots i always wear when its raining, i just feel cool and simple in it hahahaha plus its super easy to just sarung it and step on the puddle while its raining yuhuuuuuu.. oo yeah i definetly will miss the amount of WIND we have in UK! how i wish malaysia can have a bit of it, HOT + SUNNY + WINDY = PERFECT weather.. i like!!!

7. the dry toilet, how the toilet (yup literally, toilet), shower room and sinks are separated. and toilet paper! can i continue use toilet paper here? hmmm i want to

8. ants and mosquitos free, IMPORTANT!

9. and many more....

What will i NOT miss in UK:

1. my chapped lips!!!! really hate that! i dont really have that problem in malaysia, thank God

2. the temptations of malaysian foods . hopelessly drooling over the internet or recipe book, or just by chatting with friends about it!

3. dead city at night, shops closed after 5pm, 8pm on thursday. boring! here, u can still go to kedai mamak enjoying the mee goreng at 12 midnight when u feel so.

4. being minorities are just not cool

5. hoh that's it??

What will i afraid or tired of in malaysia?:

1. my weirdly sensitive right eye, yup only the right eye. and only happens when i'm here, so far i dont have yet the problem and hopefully i wont get it anymore! its just super annoying!!!!!!

2. the familiar question "bila nak start keje? keje kat mana?" arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! benci dan menyampah!



  1. Haja, i agree wit u!!! rupa2nya bile blk cni, ade bende jugak yg aku miss kt UK dlu..huhu..

  2. mestila ade intan, yela 4 tahun kita hidup kat sana, huhhhh rindu plak rase hidup d perantauan hahaa