Monday, 22 September 2008

Masjid Selat, Melaka for Iftar


We break fast at Masjid Selat (Melaka version of Masjid Terapung). It was my dad's office turn to organize breaking fast with some 'big' people of Melaka. My dad went first, my mum, me and my sister went a bit late, almost 7pm we arrived and goshhhh there was a hugeee number of people! Cars parked towards the end of the road. People standing around amid not enough chairs to seat on. People went back to their cars, go back home perhaps. We were as well thought of going home or break fast anywhere else (we popped out all fast food we can think of at that time; me=KFC, my sis = pizza hut; yup I was craving for KFC since forever, but I prefer to wait until fasting ends so I can enjoy it right away instead of have to wait until 7pm) and surprisingly my mum said something 'hotel' and both of us were like.. "HOTEL???" sooo not my mum huhuhhh.... hrmmm unfortunately none of us bring money bluahhh come on xanga, more funky smileys???

So my dad already saves us some seat and well at the VIP area blerghhhh again (put my mood off) I'm just not into this 'Makan Beradab' thing. Maybe I'm not mature enough or maybe because I'm sitting and eating with people I don't know (yeah they are my dad's collegues at office, our parents sit at other table, annoying huhhh?? we were left to enjoy the meal with the unknowns) as I was totally comfortable in Egypt on the Nile Cruise. I automatically annoyed with having to pour the juice or water from their bottle into the glass. Why can't we just drink it straight away from the bottle? That's what people normally do right? Furthermore, I couldn't seem to eat a lot as I normally do; me and my sister talked rubbish as we can't joined their conversation, they didn't asked us anything either. Overall, a totally not comfortable situation.

The tarawikh was a bit longer than usual. The Qunut was really long! Both my mum and sis including me were complaining and talking about it afterwards. Yes it was really really long I even went "lamanyerrr bila nak habis nih??" huhuhhhhh not good not good.... The MORE was superb! The pengat pisang was mouthwateringly nyummy!! as well as the cakoi and spring roll! But too bad I couldn't enjoy it much as the 'big people' already got up before I finished my 2nd round pengat pisang. bleghhhhhh again and againnnnn!!

Anyway.... yesterday was the first day I really went out during day time.. yeahhh really pathetic after 2 weeks here. Is Malaysia becoming hotter??? goshhh I was sweating!! My elder sis came home so we had the chance to wandering around city.. We went to Jusco first. So many people as expected during weekends unlike in UK everyday is a busy day, everyday is a shopping day..... wondering when do british people really work huhhh??? Anyway, lets get back on track shall we? So we straight away headed towards Vincci, my favorite shoe brand here. I had my eyes fixed on these two shoes, one wedges while the other one heels, but there were too many people so I thought perhaps I just buy it at another Vincci store. So I just loitered around Jusco clothes, shoes and beg area... nothing attracted me. I was feeling nauseous maybe because of the super hot weather or too many people, I don't know. My sis gave me strange look for not buying anything huhuhhh.... I just sat down on a bench somewhere waiting for them do their shopping before I went upstairs looking for new simcard. Yeah I decided to switch to Digi after a long time being a loyal customer to Hotlink. "Tukar angin" > my answer to my dad. "Boyfriend ko pakai Digi ke??" > question from my sis... I admit 80% of the reason contributed into the decision was because 'he' is using Digi . * 'He' here is not my ex but a friend of mine ok (wink wink)

After about 2 hours in Jusco, we proceeded to MP to search for my Baju Raya yippieeeee!! I got one Baju Kurung, a really lovely one! More like earthy color and I fell in love with 4 more! A black Jubah (yer da lama tak pakai jubah kan??), goldish baju kurung Pahang (I love the colour and the cutting), bluish Korean silk baju kurung moden (the cutting is just simply superb and the silk feel would be nice) but it cost nearly 300 and one Hijau Lumut songket kebaya (yup I agree with "less is more".. this one really looks elegant in a very simple way). OMG I just starting to love our traditional baju kurung, kebaya etc.. guys!! They are lovely!!!! but mum limited two pairs each as we are paying with her credit card shame shame..... When I tried the baju kurung that I bought, I firstly tried on another color which is bright purple and I had these pretty funny conversation with my sis:

Me: Ok tak? seswai tak color ni dgn aku?
Sis: Cantik! Seswai! Sebab ko tak hitam
Me: Cis! cakap je la aku putih, berselindung2 pulak ko haha

Haha... well I can consider myself the fairest among my siblings, at least many people told me that not just me (hidung kembang kuncup).... but how funny that I always the opposite among my circle of friends (duhhhhh)

By the way, I went to two more Vincci store in MP and Dataran Pahlawan to search for the shoes I've been eyeing on before (remember??) DAMN!! No more size 3!!!!!!!! panic2!!!! Do you know how disappointed I would be and how hard I will try to get the things I already love to have?? Yup thats me... I am a type who will do just anything and won't be easy to sleep if I don't get what I see and sooo want to get a hold on it (ATTENTION! this only apply to stuff not human being ) unless I found a substitude. By that time, I already deleted the wedges (remember, wedges and heels?), and do you notice Vincci makes very cute terompah??? I just realize it and they are damn cute! I grab one for myself ! Mum likes it! yeayyyy! But the heels keep playing in my head!

We went home and show our 'Raya' stuff to mum as well as baju kurung we bought for our Tok. But mum said it's probably bit big for Tok so .... YES!!!! can go to Jusco again to change it!!! chance chance!! to grab the heels!!! weeepeeeeeee!!!!! and there we were, me and my sis went back to Jusco after break fast and yeahhhhhhhhhhh the heels is mine now!!!! duhhhhhhhh should I start to learn controlling my habit of "Just Buy It If You Want It" damn!! I'll hate that

p/s: Does anyone know where I can get cotton ball for facial purposes??? I hardly searched through Guardian, Watsons and Jusco but to no avail. They all only have the square type  facial pads. Any helps are much appreciated! (ye saya sememangnya skema!)

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