Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Iftar, Everly Resort Hotel, Melaka

Yesterday we went to MP and Dataran Pahlawan again but this time only me and my sis. Pakcik J sent us to Melaka Central then we took a bus. So nostalgic reminded me when I was here during my 2nd year summer holiday, I couldn't imagined just how many times I took a bus from Melaka Central to MP area for date, then would call mum to fetch me at Melaka Central hehehhh.... she even smelt something fishy about it Anyway, we went there as my sis wanted to look for jeans so I tagged along at the same time being her image consultant uhuhuhhhh... I got myself some stuff, ohhhh finally I found the cotton ball I was asking in my previous entry at MP Guardian for RM2.80. I really thought that I couldn't find that type anymore here hehehhh... and I got this powder brush from SASA, Zeno Mini acne clearing device (I was sooo desperate to get rid off the pimples on my nose! It bothered me to the max!! despite of the ridicolous price! I just want a clear face on Raya that's it!) and MakeUp Base from The Face Shop. Yeah That's it really.

In the evening, we break fast at Everly Resort Hotel Melaka. We were very reluctant to go along but had to as the organizer already included us in the guest lists, so we went. My reason was I just don't feel comfortable like the night before where everything is very formal and when me or we were the only 'underage' there. We barely know anyone as we'll always being left to eat at another table. That's so annoying. But fortunately, this time it was less formal eventhough the foods still being served (I prefer buffet style) and there were kids came along.... phuhhhhhh . As usual we sat at another table but beside me was a girl whose parents ate at another table as well. The main meal was ok, nothing special but we had Rojak for dessert and cakes!!! I ate a lot!!! I took some from the buffet area ngeheheee.... we also presented with free Kueh Raya each!

Well did I said anything about me and my sis trying to make Mc D delivery for sahur last night? well we did but were told that delivery for our home area is only before 11pm bleghhhhhhh.... I was craving for the whole day! So after got back from the hotel, we called Mc D for the delivery hihihhhhhh... yup we just don't know what 'full' means! I ordered large Big Mac and went sleep directly ngahahahaha... this morning was the first time I didn't take sahur. Fully charged anyway heheee...

Again, this evening we didn't break fast at home. We had it at some hotel somewhere in MITC area.We didn't wear Baju Kurung as well, just jeans and top, so malas to wear formally, actually I run out of baju kurung already hahahahaha. This time was buffet style! I like!! The meal was delicious and I had Rojak again! Ohhh not to forget the Air Tebu Madu! and steal some ABC from my sister, shame they don't have nice cakes for me! How sad~~


  1. Ah McDonald's! It's been a while since I've had some! But I find that it bloats me too much when I eat a burger to break fast.

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