Thursday, 7 August 2008

Am I Still Afraid Of Prawn?

Last night i was offered 'sambal udang' and ikan goreng by guests staying at our house, so i went. First, i just thought to add some sambal on my rice, then when i see the prawns.... the very 1st time after more than 10 years i was thinking "why not just try some??", i never have that thought leave alone crave for prawns before.. although everytime when me and my family went to have seafood somewhere, my sisters and brother will always try their best to lure me with the biggest prawn and crabs they have..well i never fell to them even once, since i was kid i always believe i have allergies of prawns and crabs cause my throat and inside my neck, near my ears will terribly became itchy, so itchy that i felt like inserting my fingers into my mouth to get rid off the pain. But surprisingly last night the pain was bearable, yup it still itchy while i ate them, but after that it gone... weird i thought, was it always like that or maybe i was small back then that i can't bear the pain at all, and now i've grown up, does it mean my body already can overcome the allergies?? hope so cause i felt a bit happy to be able to eat them... i don't have idea about crabs yet but all i know is the effect was worse than prawns. gratefully, i'm starting to eat prawns again!

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  1. allergies are just like that, isn't it?it comes and go as it pleases. sometimes we are allergic to something that never cause a problem before.or sometimes it cured itself without us realising it. hey, when are u coming back??