Tuesday, 19 December 2006

A Night In London & 1st Day In Istanbul 17-18 Dec 2006

off to central station at about 2.25 from aberdare.. but then singgah spar dulu bli magazine ingat nk singgah WHSmith tp jauh la plak.. n yg ade dekat central station pon x bukak... huh da la greggs pon x bukak plik sungguh... beli cosmopolitan standard size no travel size... hmmm... then went to cange the ticket at national express lodge... went back to spar to get sum 'rapu' foods... perutku mmg sgt lapar!! huhuh... apekan daya... hnye mampu bli snickers n kitkat n a bottle of coke.. 3pm sharp off to london... hmmm i think i didnt sleep at all in d bus.. mbe too excited!! hahah ... yela nak holiday!! no wonder la excited kan?? hmmm dlm bus tbe2 tingat yg terlupe bawak BAJU TDO!!!! arghhhhh macammane dlm bnyk2 bnde baju tdo yg aku boleh trluper??? huhuh..... so start to think cane nk tdo nih??? cause i only bring 1 jeans (thats d jeans i'm wearing) n sweaters no shirt at all.... huh... finally got an idea mbe go buy the cheapest london shirt u can find when tbe d london nti huhuh.... seingat aku kat bayswater byk kdai souvenirs... mbe cant get a cheap one at d victoria.. n yeah i'm rite.. d cheapest i can find is like 6pound sumting.. hmmm jln nak masok london gle jem!! sheduled arrive at 6.15 but we arrive at like 7pm huhuh... gle jem... oooo yea dlm bus nmpk keta ferrari cun gle weh!! hahah... ok... then take tube to bayswater 3pound... bole thn mahal gak huhuh.. withdraw money to pay halim duit hotel.. smpai bayswater teros carik shirt... d cheapest i can find is 3.99.. ok la... itupon stok2 yg nak dihabeskan dikumpulkan kat luar huhuh.. then went to eat at mc d... fillet o fish... pastu kol albun jmput kitorg kat depan piza hut went to mara hostel where we'll sleep tonite.. tumpang bilik gurls... fortunately jimat 7pound if stay in msian hall heheh.. we played table futbal kat mara hostel... it was soo cool!! didnt play for about a year since mu trip to portugal last krismas.. huhuh.... 1st lawan  ngan roz then kiko, madot, halim pon join gak.... enjoy sgat that nite!! we sleep at fadh room... baru knl je fadh,.. but like we knew her for long time cause she's a very peramah type so very easy to get along... hmm.. that nite i cant sleep well probably was very tired n excited hahah.. again... n thanks fad bagi pnjam tracksuit huhuh...

18 december... woke up soo early that morning because have to catch up our flight at 7morning.. woke up at 2.40am took shower n get ready.. yeah!!! my journey starts here!!! yeeppeeee!! d boys cook nasik goreng for breakfast... so sweet of them!! heheh.. but i dindt eat much takot sakit perot.. off to bus sto at around 4.15 in d morning!! but it was not very cold as i expected... so good sign haa.. heheh..took bus to victoria then wnt to luton by another bus.. it take around an hour n i tell u it was soooo cold in luton!!! tmbh lagi ngan fog yg tebalnye itu!! huhuh..they took my baby pin when going through the security check.. huh sayangnye!!!! but yela cane la boleh x trpk pin tu mmg panjang dan tajam hahah.. our flight take off a litlle bit late like abut 8am.. i slept almost the whole journey.. huhu...

we arrived at sabiha airport sharp at 12 or 2pm turkey time.. the guy at d pasport control was quite ensem la haha.. so that d 1st handsome turkey guy i noticed hahah... but i dont think he's a pure turkish probably da mix kot.. hmm anyway... we take  a bus called 'Havas' to go to d city centre... it was 9.50 lira quite expensive la i think... d bus was not very comfortable... sbb cam ade bau sumthing yg eeee mmbuatkan hidungku x selesa huhuh.. yerla da la bus tu terttutup.. so cam berkuap gle n d journey took about 1 hour huh!! lemas rasenye!! on d way, 2 things i noticed that... d buildings look like 'terbengkalai' but then there's people living in it... hmmm... n there's lot n lots of masjid within a very close range.. hmm pelik.. smpai town x tau nak turun katner n d boys wat teori kita turun je kat mane tmpat ramai org turun huhuh.. sungguhla BIJAK!! hahah... but that wat we call adventour kan?? hahah.. 2run2 je bus teros carik makanan... carik mc d.. heheh.. cause everyone da kelaparan yg teramat2!! yela.. no foods since our last breakfast.. n here 99% of d foods are HALAL... so heaven beb!! i ordered double kofte burger meal.. d gurl at d counter cant speak english so i showed her 7 fingers mean meal no 7 n no wat?? she tought that i wanna buy 7 of them!! hhahah.. dan aku dicas 51.45 liras!!! huhuh.... naseb baik lpas tu dia paham n tiukar balik my bil to 7.35.. huhuh...after finish menjamu perot.. d boys slain bun wnt to find d tourist centre.. n we try to learn turkish languange in d mc d hahah... susahla bahasa diorang n they use some weird symbols..

mcd istanbul
d whole mmbers of d trip from left -halim-munzir-albun-fadh-roz-madot-haja-danial-kiko.... korg sume mmg BEST!!
n d gurlz....at d mc d....
our hotel is quite far from d mcd.. so we took bus 61B n payed only 1 lira.. i thnk supposed 1.30 lira but d driver cam x kesah je sbb dia stop tgh2 jln huhuh... so tips >> nk byr tambang bus lagik murah... naikla bus mase driver tgh kelam kabut hahah.. smpai kat Aksaray pusing2 gak la carik our hotel > NAZAR HOTEL... we even did a tawaf around a roundabout hahah.. klakar... mmg true n pure tourist r... very innocent..d hotel looks quite nice gak r 3 star tuh heheh.. we paid 8pound per nite n staying here for 4 nite.. so not bad la.. we gurls stay in one room... n boys 2 rooms.. there are sum weird stuff at d hotel 1st of all d lift.. it uses door so we can see d wall from inside d lift quite scary gak la... 2nd is d funniest >> d bathub hahah... noe wat its look like a full square wave.. maybe untuk mandi duduk kot huhuh.... so mmg careful gle waktu mandi takot jatuh hahah..

we went out that nite to feel d nite life in istanbul.. fortunately d city is not like here.. like a dead city at nite... it was really fun!! lots of people!! betol2 rasa cam kat msia heheh.. we plan to take a nite cruise but actually its not a cruise la.. its some kind of public transprt (ferry) taking people across d continents.. 1st we take trem from aksaray to eminonu (i think) n then get on d ferry to go to d asean side hehe.. both of them we paid 1.30 liras.. n tickets looks funny la.. hahah.... its a coin like a 5sen coin... so fadh slalu terconfuse antara duit dan tiket heheh klakar..


dis is ow it looks like at nite in istanbul n along d sea.. see peoples eating ikan bakar.. n lots of jual beli di sekitar kawasan nih... like pasar malam la.. kawasan berlampu2 tu is a bridge full of nice restaurants


kanak2 yg excited heheh.... 1st nite in turkey!!


on d ferry to asean side... yeay da sama benua ngan mak ayah n family!! heheh.... ntah pape 


kiko as our non official tourist guide sedang bercerita... canela aku boleh tertipu ngan kisah2 dongeng nye itu hahah


d ferry... look nice huh??? but a bit kotor cket laa..


sweets in istanbul nyumnyum!!


on d way back to europe.... thats a turkish tea... 50 kurus (sen) only... cian madot pening pale


new mosque - newest oldest mosque in istanbul huhuh..


waiting for the trm to Aksaray....everyone tired but best!! da lame x jln2 mlm2 


kelaparan makan kebab n ayam golek kebab 2.50 lira.. i'm not sure bout d ayam golek but its cheap la definitely.. then went back to hotel took shower then marathon heheh.. (qada' solat dari subuh huh terok btol)... then sleep!!! cant wait for tomorrow

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