Saturday, 2 December 2006

Drop HFRF??

hmmmm now i'm considering nak drop or xmo drop HF RF Engineering (high frequency radio frequency) module?????... ok d reasons> i jus started doin d cw...i didnt understand anythin that tasker ajar... n not fully understand porch ajar... yet i still hv project to care about... i have 6 subject dis semster.... if i drop dis subject, means 4 subjects nx smster n 5 dis smster.... hmmm quite balance kan??? sooooo dgn terpaksenyer mengambil communication system nx semster which i hate sooo much n d last subject in my want-to-take module list huh!! but i think its not that bad (nk sedapkan ati) cause its 100% from exam so no coursework no lab etc.... hmmmm i think i'll be fine yes I'II BE FINE!! warghhhhhhhh  
i went to library dis morning... guess wat?? dis is d 1st time in my life going to library on weekend huhuh..... not bad la suasana aman dan damai n i think probably nx week i'll berkampung di library every day d whole wkdays.... cause dis week don have to pray heheh... so xyah pikir katner nk amek smyg katner nk smyg... wanna start revision.... lots of things i don understand... or mbe do d power coursework.. ooo yeah.... on my way to tesco dis mornin (snggah tesco before g library) i saw a veryyyyyyyy bigggggg rainbow!!!!! warghhhhhh cantikkk sangaat2!!!!!! i love rainbow sooo much!!!! its been a long time since i see one.... lucky me!! ... hmmm miss my family n my kucing soo much!! miss mak ngan ayah....


i luv dis pic soo much!! n dis one also:


g capetown ngan mak ngan ayah!! best sangat!! d sweetest memory in my life!!

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oooohhhhh i'm soooo cute!!! hahahahahahah

wajah sebenar


  1. huhuh..cute ek?? seram sejuk laa plaks aku tgk gmba ko tue ekekekeee....

  2. hee hee heeeeeee hahah cam nenek kebayan yg comel ngehngeh