Tuesday, 19 December 2006

2nd Day In Istanbul 19 Dec 2006

so its d second day now.... yeehaaaa... so today our plan was to walk around istanbul city... will go to sum hystorical places... places since 6th century!! yeah!! so woke up early n have breakfast in d hotel (d price for d hotel is include d breakfast) d foods are ok.. not bad la.. but its kinda not change every morning... tukar cket2 je.. but ape2pon ttp ok..


this is how it looks like in d morning in itanbul.. it really is a very busy city!! yelaa 17million people lving in istanbul.. phewww!!!


our 1st stop after taking a trem from Aksaray to Islamabad.. behind us is the Blue Mosque... tgk kiko dgn gaya poyonye konon2 tourist guide la tuh huhuh....but at least kiko mmbantu gak la... give us basic info bout places we go... makaseh!! 


behind me is the Aya Sofya 


Very BEUTIFUL BLUE MOSQUE!! kredit to madot yg mengambik gmbr hehe 



in front of the main gate to d blue mosque


in d middle of d blue mosque... bnde kcik kat tgh2 tuh rasenye tmpt amek wudhuk dulu2 but cant be used da skarang.. 


great architecture!! n design... dak laki kater dulu Imam xyah pkai mic pon da satu masjid bole dgr... btapa hebatnyer architecture itu... pantulan suara.. 






me n fadh inside d masjid... notice d lamp... sume lampu2 kat dlm msjid kat turkey cam rndah2... my theory is... for easier maintainance huhuh 





boy band hahah... 


another gaya poyo boy band.. nasyid la... kulit album hahah... but i luv dis pic soooo much!! 


best gler teh nih!!! i think its an apple tea!! wutever turkish tea mmg BEST!!... they charged us 2liras for each cup hhahaha... but i don who's paying huhuh...


our next stop.. Aya Sophya... best kan name dia?? hmmm all i noe is that dis church (used to be) was build in 6th century .. n it takes only 6years (i think) cause they used many slaves at that time to build it... i was very amazed by this building!!! mmg magnificient sgt2!!... but then in year bile ntah it was changed to masjid... n d only cross that they throw away are the crosses at d main gate.. cause in Islam cross is considered as geometry only... so dlm main bangunannye stil boleh nmpak banyaknye lagik cross yg dikekalkan.. tapi any faces (christian kan byk faces kan.. marry la.... etc...) dicover dgn plastic... so still d original church is preserved,,.... kagum2!! d admission fee is 10 liras n we also hire a tourist guide (bukan kiko tau)... kitorg bayar dia 10liras sorg for 2 places (aya sophya n d cystern).. mmg worth la hire pmandu plancong sbb dia cerita mcm2 sgt yg tersurat dan tersirat....best2!! mmg recommended!!


sum stuff u can find inside aya sophya... n theres one hole on one of the 'tiang'..dipercayai kalau masukkan ur thumb inside d hole then make a 360degrees pusingan sambil wish... then kalau ur thumb sweating that means ur wish will come true heheh... then sume org try... but yelaa kepercayaan karut je sume tuh... saje je for fun....


'Hussein n Othman' d largest gold handwritten.. mmg besar sgt! n theres another 2 i cant remember who..


mimbar.. with 2 biggest candles i ever seen on each side


outside d aya sophya... tmpt amek wudhuk rasanye.... 


next stop >> The Cystern.... cool gle tmpat nih!!! mmg seswai utk menenangkan fikiran.. byk sgt ikan kat dlm air..  


lepas habes pusing2 d cystern... pmandu plancong tuh(cant rmmber her name).. bwk kitorg g tgk sejadah.. actually her cousin shop la.. but d sejadah doesnt really look like d usual sejadah we are using... its more like carpet with different sizes... wool carpets... n d price also 'kebaboom!!' huhuh... rasenye kedai tuh seswai utk nak jual kat org yg nak wat bisnes carpet je... d cheapest we can get is 40 pound.. n d carpets look nice as well la.. mule2 sume org da cuak sape nak bli carpet nih?? huhuh... bt at last it ends up only me, fadh n halim je x beli hahah... saya org miskin x mampu huhuh....its not like i don like d carpets... ya they are very nice n i like sum of them but jus do have d interest in buying... mbe bcause of d price la... kalo 10 aku beli hahah!!... abes berjual beli.. kitorg g makan kat kdai kbb.... sedap sgt!! mbe kitorg lapar sgt kot hehh.. kiko n munzir g carik travel agent for trip to bursa tomorrow.. then solat zohor jamak with asar kat masjid berdekatan.. then off to d travel agent ... ling murah dapat 35pound... mmg ade terjadi sedikit selisih paham la.. smpai org tuh pon cam da bengang je huhuh... but at last we all agree la with d price n tomorrow we are going outside istanbul to bursa!! yeay!! they said bursa is cold la.. mbe snowing... weeeeee!!!


berlegar2 di bandar istanbul... nak g carik tomb... jumper gak akhirnye.. tomb ape ntah x ingt tapi ade byk.. mcm sultan2 dulu2 la.. then off to find d kamal attartuk statue..tapi x jumpe pon .. last2 end up kat Topkapi Palace tapi da tutup... yela mmg da malam.. 


beautiful houses seen along d street behind aya sophya.. rumah2 dia bawah kecik then start mmbesar huhuh.. pelik... n byk sgtttt kucing yg comel2 n gemok2 blaka kat cnih!!! best geram!! tp penakot laa...


we end up here... suppose jumpe attartuk statue.. bijak betol tourist guide kite (KIKO) huhuh... thats behind of d aya sophya... senja version..


we stop by at d oldest shop producing TURKISH DELIGHT... hmmm mmg nyummy nyummy!!! makan byk sgt turkish delight free hahah.. mcm2 rase n bentuk ade.... cam usus pon ade huhuh... tp mmg sedap tp mmg maniss sgttt..... n again i didnt buy anything hahah..


at d restaurant (sefood restaurant) we ate fish with rice. kentang.. ape ntah lagi.. but it worth 10liras... mmg very worth it laa.... marve
llous food!! sambil makan smbng2 pasal kat KMS laa... hahah... best2!! mengimbau kenangan silam.... lame gak kitorg lepak cnih..


see the reflection of madot.... spot madot!!


n tadaaaa.... our last stop for today!!! SISHA!!!! heheh.... dis is my first time trying this thing.... sisha sambil lawan dam team boys vs team gurls... we lost sob sob ....sisha tu ade 2 perisa strawberry n apple.... ntah aku pon xtau mane satu yg lagik best huhuh... main isap je....really enjoyed d nite laaaa... FUN sgt!!! lupe sgala krja2 ku yg bertimbun d cardiff tuh huhuh.... mule2 mmg terbatok2 cket r... lame2 baru maintain huhuh... but i still cant hembus pakai idung lagi la hahah... kn blajar lagik huhuh...so today ksimpulannye was really fun!! walaupon mmg penat shari suntuk berjalan.... best2!!!! rase nk stay teros kat istanbul heheh...


  1. lawanyer turkey..untung korg pegi sana...huhuuu

  2. betol2!!! mmg wajib g turkey!!

  3. wah...rajin gler`ko tulis in detail sume benda..aku mcm malas jek nak cite...huhuhmmm...boleh tak aku link jek kat page ko suro org bace kat sini...lol (^_^)

  4. ye aku mmg rajin bab2 membuang masa hahah.... sile2 link