Tuesday, 5 December 2006

MENTOR - Fiq Memang Mantap!!

wahhh watching mentor final now kat youtube.... suprised kat kalah teruk ngan neyl.. hmmm i think she worth it VERY bad performance... but she act really outstanding at 1st (i think) .... hmmm mbe because of d mntor... ok see neyl n fiq... i don really like them at 1st (layan mentor cuti summer hr tuh heheh) but then they got better don they?? who made them got better?? of course a good mentor do u agree?? yela logic gak datok ct kan sebok heheh...but ct really look cute when sing d song 'big spender' n really help to make kat's performance better ... pelik btol suare kat nyanyi lagu nih huhuh.... i luv soo much watching fiq n deja moss mantapppp bangattt!!! i watch it twice probably will watch it again after dis heheh... n another song 'tiada lagi' pon mantap gak.. eventhough roslan cakap 'fiq u cant sing but u can giv a very good performance' (amy da buat muka pelik >> fiq cant sing???) hahah.... me as well pelik sungguh... arghhh i don care sumtime our view with d professional people view are absolutely upside down huhuh.... i no nothin bout pitching... wat d hell is dat??? so ksimpulannyer.... anythin that gud n nice to listen is enough for me.. but after all of that good things bout fiq theres ONLY one i HATE a lot!!! no wat??? his makeup!!! its a real disaster man!!! he doesnt look masculin with all the thick foundation n d perfect put-on-highlighter on his face mengalahkan aku je.... foundation pon aku x pkai... d prob is his face is TOO smoothhhhh!!!! n d face shape (thanks to all d foundations n highlighters) are way tooo perfect!! mbe makeup ala2 kadar je ok tgk amy search i don think he put any makeup on his face.. (huh i played d fantasia bulan madu again n this is d 4th time hahah) ok la enough being d 'x diundang pengulas mentor' hahah...
dis afternoon i went see my supervisor... hmmm so i decided which heatsinks i wanna buy n i was very relief knowing that i don have 2 buy it using my money or his money... just isi d borang n put it in d finance ofis heheh...so d school will buy it... heheh slamat duit saya ngehngeh... but hey MARA do giv us 300++ for thesis rite??? hahahahahah.... i don no where it goes anyway or probably havent received it yet... huhuh... so i settled it dis afernoon n probably can receive d things this thursday... yeay!!! finally can start doing some lab works!! so bored just reading n doing d analysis... huuh... ooo yeah one more thing... i submitted d module change form dis afternoon as well... hopefully i still can amend my module selection... cross finger!!!!! everyone please pray for me... if i cant change it i'm really dead man!!! theres a HF RF coursework i have to hand in dis monday n i didt do anything bout it huhuh.... hmmmm mbe i'll go check it this thursday... 2 morow i don hv any class so wont go to school.... mbe i'll start doing power coursework... NEPLAN oh NEPLAn... huhuh.... (play d song for d 6th time already hahahahahah.... wats rong with me???? >> just born deja n fiq biggest fan hahah)


  1. FIQ mmg best bangattt!! huhuh ttau plaks ko pun layan mentor ^_^.... aku pun suka sgt masa dia nyanyi lagu "Tiada Lagi" tue...n lagu2 lain yg dia penah nyanyi before this....kalo penynyi asal nyanyi xde la plaks bes,dgr Fiq nyanyi jerk trus rase lagu tu sdap hahahaa. but xsmpat pun tgk sume video2 for the final...dgr sket2 jerk kelmarin coz byk sgt videos been uploaded kat youtube tuh....igtkan final after 2 or 3 wiks break..hmmmm...hopefully this wiken can spend time to see all the videos ^_^...

  2. ...n mekap dia mmg buruk huhuuuu....

  3. ye mekap dia sgt buruk hahahah hilang macho