Wednesday, 7 March 2007

I Am In A Good Mood Today ^_^

thanks for those who gave comments bout my last entry k... really appreciate that! today dinner was lamb.. i don no wat its called huhuhhh really sucks in cooking!!! really wish i can make it my hobby like firot heheh .. i had 2 round (punyelah kuat nafsu makan!) but d 2nd round was like i shared with k.ira.. i don no y i never care bout wat i eat n how much i eat..i never think about my weight n my health though.. (only last yr when i really want to be a little bit fat!! hahah) i can be a real eater sumtimes n some other times i can just eat breakfast for d whole day especially weknd when theres no dinner downstairs.. punyela malas nak masak even meggi... so after dinner went upstairs solat maghrib n took a 'nap' for awhile (3 hrs nap ngahahahaha!!) hahhhhh ape nak jadi ngan aku nih?? i woke up around 11 and took shower n make a tea with honey.. (i read sumwhere in yahoo thats these can help those people having trouble with sleeping at nite) >> hopefully i can sleep after this..

dis afternoon i started doing my project using d burner!! fuhhhhh panazzz!! it was quite funny though today.. hmmm 1st i was introduced to k.natrah (new Phd student under gao min) n when i said my name is 'haja' gao min was like 'haja?' (read this in english accent) .. hahah i don no when i came here that i realize i hv a quite interesting n nice name when listen to british people try to say my name 'haja'... ala comelnye!! ngahaha.. i never like my name before though uhuks.. n i said to him my 1st name is 'siti' but i don like it cause its a very glamour name in m'sia.. d name of our 1st singer!! ngahahaha!! "thats good!!" (gao min) "no i don like it" (me) "mbe she don like to share the glamourous" (k.natrah).. huhuh it was a short but yet interesting conversation.. hmm.. n he seems like having a very good mood today.. as i'm doing my project (he has to be in d lab as i'm doing sumthing with flame) he kinda tidy up stuff in d lab cause the lab is moving.. i don no where n when but it really i tell u i really doesnt look like a lab now its more like an electronic stuff store!! everything elctonic u can find in there.. huhuh.. ooo ye.. i wanted to say was that he was like 'bersiul' n singing while tidying things up... hahah.. trgelak aku.. bcause i never see him like that.. yeah he did some joke in class though.. but to see ur lecturer singing n bersiuling ... hahah.... it was funny n cute though.. ... so i got quite a good result (output power) apart of not taking the measurement very accurately.. so after that went to workshop n ask them to drill holes along d half middle line of the heatsinks so i can put d thermocouples in there... i think dis is d best idea n its gao min's idea huhuh.. so nice of him... his my supervisor anyway.. n i got d chance to meet d cute guy in d workshop again!! hahahahahaahaha... ngokngek ... he's soo cute laa.. he really looks like seann william scott (steve stiffler in american pie) sooooooooooo damn kawaiiiii!!! hi hi hi... ok dah2!! (tp yg peliknye aku xleh nk snyum la bile dia snyum kat aku ngaaaaaaaaaaaa~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i finished lab at around 1 so need to wait cause its lunch hour nobody will be in d workshp.. lepak at computer room for a while.. surfing d internet... surf d to see how's d deal's going.. n i found about this one flight that i never heard of.. ETIHAD... its d cheapest price now around 460punds.. not bad haa... n i search on d net bout thos flight... ooo patotla aku x pnh dgr... its soo new .. started operating at 2003 n its one of d UAE flight.. stop over at abu dhabi.. not bad la d flight but i'll stick with Emirates dis year!! hehe... cause nx yr xde can da sure mara soh balik naik MAS punye... busan la.... n d price for both emirates n Mas are quite d same though.. around 520 pounds now.. i don think they'll reduce d price.. but just wait n see until i get d exact date for my last paper dis coming exam.. really wat to use d most of d holiday hihihih........

arghhhhhhhh my tea+honey is SUCK!!!! pahit nak mati!!! aku ni mmg x berbakat dlm masak memasak nih???? ngaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa apekah naseb ku??? mengapakah begini????????


  1. oi...buat teh pun tak jadi ke? kesian giler ko neh...bahaya besar ni ja, tahap takleh nk ditolong dh. sila la mengucap dua kalimah shahadah cecepat...hahaha

  2. huhuhuhhhh kritikal sgt ke smpai kn ngucap?? nanti2la aku blajar ngahahaha... ala kdg2 sedap gak aku buat teh hahah

  3. ye kdg2 sdap..aku dah test dah, nasi goreng pun not bad :P (aku xigt la last time rase2 mcm ko buat milo hukhuk )

  4. itu milo la asmah milo 3 in 1 hahahahah.... tp nasik goreng tu aku xbp puas hati... x sesedap biasa ngehngeh.. pe2pon tengkiu sbb menyukai masakan aku hahahhhhh (layakkah dipanggil masakan?????)