Thursday, 8 March 2007

~~~ Sunny ~~~

it was VERY nice today!!! sooo warm + sooo sunny haaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~ i am sooo happy!! finally i can get sum vitamins in d morning n of course d UV rays as well uhukss ... well aneway i do use d SPF15 moisturizer though but i really don like them on my face!! prob gonna find a new one but i think all products with SPF in it are d same... but still want to find a new one hahaha..
thats it for today.. nothin much happen... uuuuuu really cant wait d holiday to come!! but yet at d same time really wishing d time to fly slower as d dateline for d project is right before d holiday.. warghhh kijam sungguh tau!!


  1. aku ade dateline gak seblom you're not alone..huhurase mcm nak skip jek sume and trus gi easter =P

  2. ye betol tu madot!! arghhhhh mlas nye nk tulis dissertation!!