Saturday, 22 December 2007


waaa been quiet for a quite time.... hmm well a week of my christmas holiday gone now and been sleeping quite a lot these few days..not that i'm tired of anything or what.. and i don't plan to go anywhere outside cardiff for the moment..don't know not in a holiday mood i guess..well last monday-wednesday i joined the Leadership Program by the Student Union.. i really enjoyed it! yeah it's a bit refreshing to meet people i never meet and know..(except k.liza) tp talk with them, to express my opinion without being passive as i normally do.. cause we had lots of group activities so i got the chance to talk and express my opinion which i rarely do in lectures.. except during group project..hmmm...other than that .... i shop a lot! i bought juicer and tried apple juice last night warghhhhh nyummy!! a real concentrated juice! then i bought loads other stuff from argos and some clothes in town n well ebay hahahhh... i just can't help it when the we can do the shopping the easiest way > internet > home delivery and cheapest price you can get huwahuwahuwa.. urghhh i'm a bit ngiong cket.. maybe the overslept or maybe the overwatching Korean Horror movie huhuhhh... the 1st night of holiday i watch 5 koerean horror movie straigt till 4am hahahahhh... erghh ok then sleep now

6 aja~~ 

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