Sunday, 23 December 2007

Tired Eyes

it's 4.17am in the morn and yet i'm still here staring at my laptop screen urghhhhh my eyes are tired..soo damn tired but they just don't wanna close and let me enjoy the sleep warghhh or maybe it is me who still don't wanna sleep i don't know.. well just had a little chat with my family..they already bought a webcam so i could see my sis, bro and mum.. wahhhh miss them a lot! mum asked about the exact date for my graduation day next year so she can book the tickets earlier.. so i just browse through uni website and thank God i found the page which clearly stated the dates for next year graduatio day which i hardly search before..hurmmm well let's see my grad will be on 8th july next year phewww damn early.. the earliest school graduating haha... weird cause we don't have our grad the same as the Computer Science students...cause we always being together with them means we have few classes with them and their group project is (only 1 group for MEng) under the same root as us... or maybe it's just another computer science school...hurmm don't think so..

erm last night had a little part at k.liza's place.. her friends well my ex-seniors in KMS came.. many of them.. good to see them... and yeah loads and loads of foods!! i ate loads of chocolate.. yeah there was the chocolate fountain and i stuff myself with it first hehehh.. then popia, walkers, another chocolates k.shikin brings, NASI AYAM nyumnyum!! and not to forget k.mursyid tiramisu nyummy!! it was soo fun cause k.mar & Abg zaidi and their kids came along ewwwwww cuties!! and k.dayang & abg kadir & their kids as well especially Aled!! Aled is soo damn cute! he realy looks like a korean boy and wish i'll get hold of the pictures asap so i can post it here.. and after there was just us left, i joined them played the some kind of 'guessing' game where one group give a title of movie, or a name of song or whatever then one person from another group will then have to do all the signs thing to the group members.. and our group got for the title of movie something like "the shawshank redemption" urghhhh what the.. and yeah we lose hahahhh.. but anyway it was really fun last night..

hrmmm my dad just called me .... we talked and last thing he said was that Uncle Andrew is going to recommend me to his friend to try getting job here....urghhhhhhhhhhh i don't know!!! i'm not yet has a view of what i'm going to do in my life.. well must be basically being an engineer,.. but you know engineering is huge and wide.. electrical n electronic engineering itself is huge.. and i'm not sure which field i prefer... but so far all i can say is i really enjoy doing my group project which is something like building automation... so if anyone is going to ask me what my interest is, i might say i'm very interested in designing a system.. any system would do.. erm maybe particlarly in home / building automation... uhhh i think i know who his friend is, i think i met him last year or maybe last two years... no it was last year.. but yeah it did came across my mind to try my luck to work here.. who knows ya.. uhhhh i better get my sleep otherwise the cycle will just go around and around and finally i might end up doing nothing during this 3 weeks holidays.... sleep the whole day and awake the whole night staring at my laptop screen browsing nothing on the net..

well da~

DSC00106 haja~~

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