Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing Day

so tomorrow Boxing day!! let's box everyone!!  my housemates plan to go really early tomorrow morning.. me and tiq planned to go after subuh maybe around 7am .. muni and faizah probably will go at 6! and ro'z i'm not sure she's going with them or us... yeayyyyy exciting!! cause this will probably my last chance shopping like crazy on Boxing day so i am going to SHOP baby!!! well talking about Boxing Day, stupidly when i first heard about it in my first year here, what i imagined was a crowd of people excitedly watching a boxing match!! hahahhh and during my first year boxing day i went to london to join my friends in KMS (UK tour) and i went to Megabus bus stop really early with naser, i saw loads of people at NEXT and believe me i don't feel anything huhuhhh... i can't remember my 2nd year.. and my 3rd year i went out shopping on 26 and what i can remember is it was not very excited as not so many shops open that's why before Tiq talked to me just now about tomorrow, i really don't feel like going out tomorrow probably will on 27, but then when she said Debenham and La senza is going to open at 6... suddenly i was like "uhhhh wait a sec..that must be very exciting! hahahhh.. ya i never go out early morning for shoping so why not this year right??

DSC00913 haja~~

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