Monday, 31 December 2007

Sick Of Chocolate?

Last night i was really sick! My first thought it must be because of i tried the new Starbucks hot chocolate with nut or something.. i couldn't remember the name... we went to Starbucks after talk given by Dato' Pa, the Higher Education Minister yesterday aternoon at the Banladesh Centre... there was free luch that's why hehehh.. then we went to town, The Bodyshop and i grab another 4 bottles of body stuff.. then Starbucks and i was really excited to try that new stuff cause rozreally really recommended it.. and so i tasted it.. urghhhhhhh the chocolate was sooooo thick!!! you can even taste the bitterness of the was like 'drinking' chocolate from the chocolate fountain... but the cream with nuts scattered on it was really good... i couldn't finished mine and didn't feel at all to bring it home.. that night my head was really sick! and when i imagined the thing i drank that afternoon i as like yuksssssss!!!!! i was like feeling to throw up everything i put into my stomach erghhhhhh i never felt that way towards chocolate before.

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