Monday, 13 November 2006

I Am So Happy Today

Guess wut???? i got new shoes!!! ooppsss rong word.. i BOUGHT new shoes hahah ..... yeah i no i said i wanna go get new wnter coat today after meeting with goa min...but yeah i did try some at the republic...but none suits me... d smallest i found was size 10... indeed theres size 8 but wite colour very white... so rejected it hahah.. n other reason is i thought the style doesnt suit my small body n height... nmpak gelembung2 laaa... look like my upper body part is more bigger than ma leg.... yeah i think i'l look good in kinda smart coat like my jeans coat.. hmmm go find it later hahah.... during boxing day mbe..
ooo yeah d main topic MY new SHOES.... tu laa plan2 nk carik winter coat last2 kasut yg dibeli hahah.. but actually i already usha2 this shoes like a month ago but at that time i didnt realize d 'keunikan'nye hahah...tadi try2 balik cantik la plak heheh... its a boot type but not high n no heel... thats how i like...hihih ... n d price also reasonable 24.99
met gao min dis afternoon.... hmmm not depressing at all today... cause he gave me some idea bout how 2 design d thermoelctric system... he suggested 2 ways... but i hv thought bout 1 of it be4 so its kinda typical... n d other 1 he suggested to put the thermoelectric above d fire... so it'll look like a cap on d stove... waoowww i never thought bout that way.... cool la gai min hahah...hmmm... so mbe i'll try to think other way... remember >> "look from different angle to get different idea" Allahyarham Cikgu Khairudin (cikgu K-den) ... ok i'll try to practice it...
so i settled about the power requirement... now wat i ned 2 do is 2 think bout d heat exchanger.... need some kind of material that can absorb the heat... n then i measure d temperature ( hahah... dats wat i sooo confused about)... so now i feel confident again bout ma project.... smalam da cam da down gler da... rase cam nk tukar wat transient tuh huhuh.... so thanks GOD n thanks Gao min...

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