Monday, 20 November 2006

No Doubt Boots And Soap & Glory Clean On Me

shop: A.G. Meek Price: 24.99 brand: No Doubt star: 4/5
Pros: sukeee sgt kasut nih dr segi paras rupenye hahah.. n kalis air so don hv 2 worry bout stepping on puddles n walking in rain.. flat no heels... not too high
cons: tumit agak sakit (yg peliknye tumit kananje huhuh) mbe tapak dia nipis... hmmm try carik alas kasut nnti bg lembut kat tapak dia.... but overall jus love it
Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel
Creamy Claryfing Shower Gel brand: Soap & Glory Clean On Me price: 4.99 star: 4/5
Pros: sangatttttt wangi n smooth!! the smell can last on skin for about 6hrs even after applying lotion on skin.... rase bersemangat ble nk mandi hahah... seswai utk org mls mndi (not me.... saya sgt rajin mandi huhuh)....
Cons: bau dia x brape semerbak means have 2 put ur nose on d skin then u can smell it hahahah... but still i luv d smell..

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