Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Few Minutes Rest

i'm doing some readings now.... wanna no wat i'm reading?? Fundamentals of college physics huhuh.... thermodynamic section... yup of course its bout my project biasalah esok da nk kn jpe gao min hr nih baru nk terkial2 carik bahan hahah... but at least i did some design yesterday so got rough idea bout how my system will looks like... hmmmm so i can say its quite a big success duh... now i'm getting 2 heat transfer part.... so need to put sumthing in front d thermoelectric device so that can make full use of d waste heat from stove... so hv to make sum literature review bout those stuff... this evening i start watching new anime (act an old anime) its me that sedikit ketinggalan zaman... ro z yg bagik idea tgk file cases of young kindaichi... alaaaaa penyiasat remaja laaa... dulu baca komik zura masa kat jasin heheh... hmmmm better get back to work... ooo yeah last saturday i watched saw III.... best2!!! planned to watch casino royale but sampai2 je tiket abes huh gler!! nx time mbe.... see how busy i am... that was d 1st time i go watch movie dis semester huhuh....ok read haja!!!

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