Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Al-Fatihah To My Late Grandmother

hmm its been 5 days now since last time i wrote in here... mbe my "hangat2 tahi kucing" monster inside me starting to come out or was it "hangat2 tahi ayam" or "hangat2 bunga tahi ayam"??? warghhhhhh i'm really suck in bahasa!!! ampun cikgu baharom!!! (my bahasa teacher back in jasin > always comment on my handwriting hahahahah) ok stop its not like i wanna talk bout sh** anyway ... hmmm quite lots of thing happened n d saddest is my grandma passed away ... yesterday 5pm malaysia time.... hmm... mak said because she fell in d bathroom but i havent called them since ystrday so not much i know about it... so muslims over there please sedekahkan AL-FATIHAH to my late grandma k.... may her roh be in piece.. AMIN!! hmmm... at first i'm not veru sad because i'm not very close with her but then when i saw her pictures in my phone... i start to feel d 'kesyahduan' thinking that i wont see her again forever.... n start thinking the last time i saw her was last summer holiday during k.miza bertunang... fortunately k.miza bertunang if not mbe i didnt have d chance to see her..me, mak, aisyah, ajwad, pakcik, busu, pak busu, jannah and 'amoi' and nenek were in rumah nenek kat melaka... mak juz bought her 'tongkat'.... hmmm d thing to make easy to walk for old people.... nenek pon cam x larat sgt nk jalan... they were talking in d kitchen n i'm cleaning d kitchen.. hmmm so thats d last time i'm with her... hmm she really had lots of good + hard + sad time in her life n i think its more than enough to make a novel bout her life... her famili.... so much things happen in d famili..... ok mbe i'll stop talk about about this..
so yesteday sembang nagn aisyah.. they went to genting last weekend!! arghhhh bestnyerr!!!!! famili day kat sane.... cter pasal naik motion monster laaa.... i still rmember d 1st time i ride d motion monster i ride it twice!!! cause it was sooooo awesome!!! its like a 3D movie .... so we wear some kinda 3D 'thing' on our eyes ( avery sofisticated on not like in london 3D cinema SUCK!!!) hahah... n d chair move as well to give more impact n to feel more like we are really in d movie!!! its was awesomeeee!!!!! n she said mak pon join gak.... n one part in d movie where theres a snack patuk kaki n everyone like angkat dua2 kaki sama2 hahaha.. it must be very fun!!! warghhh promise i'll go to genting nx summer!! wajib!!! huhuh... n ajwad still having his spm exam n the papers left are the thoughest paper.. all science papers >> physics add amth... blala bla... so its about 1 week more to go.... huh ganbate ne!!!!! n he filled petronas scholarship already but i don noe wat stream he's taking... hmmm paksu advised don do engineering coz susah nk dpt keje.. so mbe he'll do medic.... pape pon... 1 advice from me>> put a lot of thinking in wat course u wanna do >> don be like me >> feel like regreting taking EEE Huhuhuhuh...... y don i take like accountancy or architecture or arghhhh wutever!!! 3rd year da pon haja!! life goes on!!! hmmmm ok...
last friday me, roz n k.ira went watch the prestige n i tell u it was sooooo cool!!!! belive me go watch it!! it may be a little bit boring in d beginning but when they start fighting with each other n u start thinking wats is really going on, it was very exciting.... n i can say the movie is very unique n interesting.... huhuh the funniest part is it was downpour when we go home.... huh nk releasekan tension nye pasal.... naseb pakai boots.... but i still lencun huhuh.... ini sume payungku nye pasal nghnfeh... thought of buying a new one... hmmm.. but i still satisfied n feel worth it because d movie was awesome!! hmmm last week was a very stressfull week... all bcause d VHDL programming coursework... huh!! i was really feel down last week.. keep asking myself >> y am i very slow??????????? y my other frens have done it yet i'm still merangkak2 lagi nak wat d program??? arghhh!!!! i really dont like feeling left behind!!! i'll start thinking negative bout myself start asking myself start regreting to be myself huh...... thats y i wrote 'nak nanges!!!' in my blog entry..... yeah i really feel like crying at that time!! arghhh when is it going to finish all the stress??? cant wait to start d next semester... huh... ok got lots of things to do....

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