Wednesday, 15 November 2006

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Results of Your IQ Test
IQ Score = 115Your score

What does your score mean?
Way to go! Your performance on the test was well above the population average. Typically, people with scores in this range perform very well academically, can relatively easily make it through university and generally achieve success in life.

About The Values Profile

Why is it useful to know your "Type"?

It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.
Many individuals never question their fundamental value systems- they let them guide their decisions and influence their beliefs without much thought. Although some adolescents enter a "rebellious period", where they begin to question and challenge the values they were raised by, and are therefore involved in creating the values they live by in adulthood, many do not. In addition, even if someone did have a conscious phase where they questioned their values, they may now be so accustomed to their beliefs that they stop questioning them, and these beliefs have become so deep-seated that they are no longer thought of on a conscious level. Therefore, we make decisions, hold attitudes, and behave in ways that are consistent with our values, rather than having to consciously weigh each decision as it comes. The problem with this passive approach is that eventually some people begin to drift in other directions and may begin to make decisions that are no longer in tune with the values that are most important to them.

The results of this test can serve to remind or educate you of what values are most important to you. In doing so, you can continue to be guided by these principles, but may do so on a more conscious level. If for some reason, you have been living in a way inconsistent with your values, you can seek to make changes in your life in order tohelp you become more content. Another important result of taking the test is that you can learn more about values in general, and can see that there are many different combinations of value types that influence those around you. Knowing (and accepting) that different people have different values will go a long way to enhance understanding between very different individuals.
Synopsis Values being productive, efficient and useful. Hates wasted time, money or effort. Wants to see concrete, tangible results of actions.
Your score = 80

Your score

What do your results mean?
I believe that there never was a creator of a philosophical system who did not confess at the end of his life that he had wasted his time. It must be admitted that the inventors of the mechanical arts have been much more useful to men that the inventors of syllogisms. He who imagined a ship towers considerably above him who imagined innate ideas.
-Voltaire (1694 - 1778)
You appear to have economic values. Typically, individuals who score high on this value type are most concerned with being productive and useful. They desire to achieve efficient return on investment of their time, money and effort. Most likely, you are practical, reasonable, and think your actions through before you act. You are ultimately interested in investing for your future. If you have a family, you very much want to be a good provider for them. You most likely have uncomplicated needs and desires. You may not feel comfortable expressing yourself verbally, especially in terms of sharing emotions. The affection that you do share with your family and friends is probably expressed in non-verbal ways, such as putting in time or effort to make a gift, or simply being there when you are needed. Giving of yourself is your way of showing that you care, and to you, is more meaningful then words.

Our values influence us in many ways. In your case, you probably weigh each decision and make judgments about the world around you based on efficiency and usefulness. This may translate to impatience with activities perceived as wasteful of time, money or effort. You motto is "waste not want not". Your hobbies and interests may include some of the following: outdoor activities, exercising, working with your hands, and other productive but fun activities. Politically, you may be conservative and reluctant to change. In terms of careers, individuals who have economic values feel most at ease in practical careers with tangible results, concrete tasks, and/or those that require good motor coordination. You may be interested in business, but are probably not (depending on your other value types) as interested in achieving power and status as in simply earning a good, honest living. Positions of interest to you may include: those in business, engineering, construction, mechanics, and other skilled trades.

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